bellicon First Responder Discount

We at bellicon are very happy to be offering a 10% discount to our first responders: those courageous and dedicated people across our country who put their lives on the line to keep us all safe and well. We continue to offer similar discounts for members of the medical community, physical and occupational therapists, and active members of our armed forces. Thank you all for your service. 

Eligibility for First Responder Discount

If you can answer “yes” to any of these questions, you may qualify for the discount:

  • Are you a state or local firefighter or volunteer firefighter?
  • Are you a state or local law enforcement professional?
  • Do you have an active EMT certification?
  • Are you a paid or volunteer ambulance driver, paramedic, or other emergency medical personnel first on the scene of an accident or natural disaster?
  • Are you a member of a Search and Rescue organization?

How to Apply for the First Responder Discount

To apply for the first responder discount, please follow the steps below:
Send us an email with the title “First Responder Discount Application.

In the email, include:

    • Your first and last name.
    • Your first responder status: Law Enforcement, Firefighter, EMT, etc.
    • The name of your particular first responder organization and your title there.
    • Your zip code.
    • The email address that you’d like us to use for our response.

Attach a copy of one of the ID forms listed below.

Address your email to

To confirm your first responder status, please attach a copy of one of the forms of verification listed below to your email.

Acceptable Documentation

We will accept numerous forms of verification based on organization and your status as a first responder.

  • Only one form of ID is required for submission unless you have a special situation (such as if your name has recently changed).
  • Other documents that clearly show your first & last name, valid dates, organization, and/or status are also accepted.
  • Any sensitive information such as Social Security Number should be omitted, covered up, or blacked out when submitting.
  • The information provided is used solely for verifying first responder status and replying to your request. It will not be used in any other way.
  • Acceptable file formats include .bmp, .gif, .jpg, .png, or .pdf.

Document examples

  • Volunteer or employee ID card
  • EMS/EMT Certification
  • Paystub less than 60 days old
  • Signed affidavit issued from first responder agency
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