Can I bounce on the bellicon while pregnant?

We recommend checking with your doctor to make sure you have approval. There is no published research specifically on rebounding and pregnancy. 

We can tell you two things:

1. It's very unique to each woman, their pregnancy and how they feel. Listen to your body. Our Master Trainer, Fayth, has trained many women who have bounced throughout their pregnancies and loved it. When Fayth was pregnant, her personal experience was to stick to strength training, balance, and stretch work on the bellicon ONLY – she avoided bouncing. This was her personal choice/preference.

2. If you are new to bouncing and do decide to bounce, we strongly consider using a support hand bar or T-bar for extra stability. 

Have you seen Fayth's beMOM Video Plan Series on bellicon Home? This is a full Pre/Post-Natal Workout Plan.


"I have found it to be a HUGE help in putting my daughter to sleep every night and now post natal it is a has been the only way I can get a fun workout in." – Fayth Caruso, bellicon's Master Trainer.


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