Strengthening Ankles And Joints Helps Balance

By National Osteoporosis Foundation, March 27, 2014

The article “Keeping Your Balance” on the National Osteoporosis Foundation website, has some good information and helpful tips on combating balance problems, especially for seniors.

The article addresses a few issues that could easily be overlooked but could make a big difference in helping with balance and spatial perception, like making sure any corrective eyewear is helping you and not hurting you, as well as the role ankles play in balance:

Here’s an excerpt:

“Strong muscles and flexible joints play a role in our balance. When we stand “still,” we don’t stand fixed like toy soldiers but sway at our ankles. To do this, our ankles make small adjustments keeping our body weight over our feet. If our ankles are stiff, sore or weak, they won’t be able to make the strong, swift adjustments that help us maintain our balance.”

A great way to increase your ankle strength and flexibility is to use your bellicon with bare feet. This will help your ankles and feet grow stronger and improve your balance.

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