The Importance of Warming-Up and Cooling-Down

By The American Heart Association, March 27, 2014 

The following quote, part of which is used on our page about relaxation, is from the American Heart Association. The AHA website provides a wealth of information regarding health, exercise, nutrition and just about any other topic related to physical well being. It’s worth exploring.

“Warming up before exercising and cooling down afterwards helps your heart move gradually from rest to activity and back again. You also decrease your risk of injury or soreness. Warm-up should last at least 10 minutes — longer for older people and those who have been inactive for a long time. Cool-down is especially important. If you stop exercising too quickly, your blood pressure can drop sharply, which can be dangerous and can also cause muscle cramping. Try adding some relaxing yoga poses to your routine; they will also increase your flexibility.”

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