Exercise To Detox (Because Sweating Alone Won’t Do It)

By The Los Angeles Times and National Public Radio, March 28, 2014

The Los Angeles Times and National Public Radio both wrote compelling articles about detoxification and both make the point that exercise, not simply sweating, is the way to purify your system. But how?

The Los Angeles Times makes the point that sweat does contain trace amounts of toxins, via Dr. Dee Anna Glaser, a professor of dermatology at St. Louis University and founding member of the International Hyperhidrosis Society, a medical group dedicated to the study and treatment of heavy sweating.

But, Glaser, adds, in the big picture, sweat has only one function: Cooling you down when you overheat. "Sweating for the sake of sweating has no benefits," she says. "Sweating heavily is not going to release a lot of toxins."

And this article from National Public Radio also makes the same conclusion…if you really want to detox, you need to exercise:

“It's true there are plenty of very real toxins in the environment we could be exposed to: the ultrafine particulate matter we inhale from dirty air, asbestos from old homes, or heavy metals like lead or mercury. Unfortunately, there's really no easy way to get these toxins out. Chelation therapy may work for some metals, but particulates in our lungs are probably there to stay, says Mishori. "A lot of these are irreversible," she says.

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