Can I pay for the bellicon in installments?

Yes! We offer two forms of Installment Plans for our customers:

1. You can pay with "PayPal Credit", which is a service by PayPal. This service offers a 6 month repayment period to pay your bellicon off with no interest! You will need to be approved by PayPal Credit in order to use this service. To pay using PayPal Credit, first create a PayPal account (if you do not already have one), then apply for PayPal Credit through your PayPal account. If you are approved, you can then choose PayPal as your payment method when ordering your bellicon! Please note that PayPal and the PayPal Credit program are separate services from bellicon USA. 

2. We also offer an Installment Plan directly with bellicon USA. It is not as flexible as PayPal Credit. This plan is limited to 3 months and requires an initial payment of 50% of your order total (plus $25 financing fee and shipping) before your bellicon order is shipped. We then schedule a payment of 25% of the total for one month after ordering, and the remaining 25% for two months after ordering. To use this method, please place your order using the payment method 'Installment Plan' in our checkout. Then, call us at your earliest convenience to set up your installment plan: 888-988-5661. 



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