What is the warranty on the bellicon?

Whichever type of bellicon® Rebounder you have chosen for purchase, it is warranted for parts only from the date of purchase (proof of purchase is necessary).


bellicon Original: Classic, Premium, Plus models

Frame: lifetime warranty

One solid metal frame and the legs, if applicable the T-Bar as well

Mat: 5 year warranty

Bungees: 1 year warranty

bellicon Go: Go, Go Jumping:

Frame: 5 year warranty

Three steel frame pieces held together by screws in the assembly process - legs included under warranty

Mat: 2 year warranty

Bungees: 1 year warranty



On average, bellicon users will needs to replace their bungees every 1.5-2 years -- dependent on various factors such as intensity of use, frequency of use, and average duration of use. When the time comes to order replacement bungees, you will receive a new 1-year warranty on the new set. Replacement bungees are $2 per cord (30, 36, and 42 cords for the 39", 44", and 49" respectively) and the actual replacement of the cords takes about 10 minutes and doesn't require any tools. Here's a video how to exchange out our bungees!

If there is ever a problem with your bellicon frame, mat, or bungees within your warranty time-frame, please contact us via email at support@bellicon-usa.com. Please be sure to include a photo of the damaged item.

We'll work to fix the issue with you, and provide steps to help you with the problem.  If the problem is determined to not be fixable, we will issue a full replacement, provided that the user has not violated the Safety Instructions.

For more information, please refer to our Terms and Conditions.

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