bellicon and hip replacement?

Question: I have a bellicon and had a total hip replacement a year ago. I have resumed activities such as swimming, pilates, yoga, and spinning. Is it safe to use the bellicon? My surgeon did not know what this was, and I know that I can no longer run outside. I think it is safe, but I wanted to make sure.

Answer: If your physician or healthcare provider would allow you to do very light jogging, then using the bellicon should be fine for you since the bellicon offers a very low-impact workout...much gentler than light jogging or calisthenics.

One of our customers, who had a total hip replacement, sent us this statement:

I had a total hip replacement (on the right) four years ago. Because of bouncing on a bellicon that I started immediately afterwards (5 days later), I never needed a walking aid. I could walk right away. After three months, I did not have a single side-effect. I bounce every day on the bellicon and feel hearty.
(Also, there's a Youtube video with him - unfortunately only in German 😊:

Disclaimer: Of course, this can not replace a doctor's diagnosis - it's just anecdotal feedback that might be helpful. Customers should consult their MD in order to get the appropriate advice.

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