How can I compare the bellicon to other brands?

If you're weighing a decision between the Bellicon and another brand, it's important to first know the difference in the product you're receiving.

The bellicon is the highest quality rebounder available. Unlike other brands manufactured in China and Asia, the bellicon is German-designed, engineered and manufactured, and then individually assembled in the U.S.A. There is a lifetime warranty on all bellicon frames; 5 years for all mats, and 1 year for the bungee cords.

The materials in the bellicon bungees are specifically engineered for rebounding, with 5 different strengths of bungees to fit you perfectly. With over 1,000 variations in colors and strengths, the bellicon is totally customizable to ensure that your bellicon is the perfect bellicon for you.

Likewise, one of the main reasons every bellicon frame has a lifetime warranty is that the circle of our frames does not fold. We don't believe in compromising the integrity of our frame in order to save on shipping costs. We'd rather build a product that will last, and not scrimp on quality. (That's one of the main reasons many other brands offer free shipping).

If you're interested in comparing the bellicon to every other major brand, we have a dedicated comparison page on our website. We'd encourage you to check it out

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